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Riskallah Riyad
CT Dance Oasis
Center for Middle Eastern Dance
Mahmoud Reda Workshops, Shows and a Tribute

Mahmoud Reda Storytelling
Mahmoud Reda 2011 Edmond Town Hall Newtown CT


 Montage of the Show in Honor of Mr. Reda

The Palace Theater June 2010 Danbury CT.



Clips of Akendni Maak Workshop
Elks Hall July 2007 Danbury CT.

About Mahmoud Reda
Riskallah Riyad was honored to host the legendary, Mahmoud Reda, pioneer of Middle Eastern dance theater in Egypt, founder of the first folk dance company, the Reda Troupe, and star of film and television, here in Danbury, CT three times (2007, 2010, 2011). He is widely recognized throughout the world for his complex, yet simple and clean choreographies and theatrical presentations of Middle Eastern dance.

As a soloist, choreographer and director in the 1950s and '60s, he redefined Middle Eastern dance through combining disciplined ballet-based training with theater presentation and brought Egypt's rich dance heritage to the concert stage, elevating the status of professional theater dancers in Egypt.
With his Reda Troupe he traveled all over the world performing in the most prestigious venues, including Carnegie Hall, NYC. Kings, queens and heads of states number among his distinguished audience. The late, Mahmoud Red toured the world teaching dance workshops. His teaching style like his choreography was clear and precise.

The world will surely miss this great master!

Mahmoud Reda

A Tribute To The Late Great Mahmoud Reda

Rest in Peace